Minister Negotiates Sea-Food Products Exports Quotas with EU
Albanian Daily News
Published March 10, 2017

The Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Waters Management, (MRDWM), Edmond Panariti opened on Friday the negotiations with EU representatives for the Seafood products processing and exports quotas increase. This was the main topic of a meeting in Italy the President of the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament, Paolo De Castro.

Panariti introduced the interlocutor with major investments carried out for the expansion of industrial fish processing facilities in Albania while asking for a re-negotiations of the fish processing quotas, aiming their duplication. 

“Time has come to review the quotas defined in 2004, aiming their duplication in response to the huge growth of fish processing capacities in Albania. Quotas duplication would promote employment and encourage investments in this important sector,” said Panariti. 

In recent years, fish processing industry in Albania has expanded rapidly by exploiting cheap labor arm. But annual export quotas allowed by the European Union for Albania are reached within few months. 


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