Opposition’s Protest 'Endless'
Albanian Daily News
Published February 17, 2017

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha summoned a meeting on Friday with the right wing allies discussing the scenarios that may be implemented during February 18 protest. 

The participants defined the strategy of the protest that is expected to kicks off at noon. Basha declared that the final deadline of the protest has not been defined, despite a 4-hour permission issued by the State Police. 

He called on the protesters to avoid the use of any provoking scenario against the police forces. Basha considered false the earlier released information by the State Police about possible acts of violence during tomorrow’s protest.

“Tomorrow’s protests will be a massive unification of citizens raising their voices against injustice, bad governance and poverty. Only those willing to suppress the Albanian citizens fear this protest, thus find themselves forced to divulge similar slanders,” said Basha.

He urged to the citizens to join this massive protest putting an end to the difficult situation experienced by the entire country during last 4 years. 

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