Extravagance and Kindness: A Collection of Emotions
Albanian Daily News
Published February 17, 2017

Ines Castro is the name of the woman who has embraced a very noble cause, trying to make something different, bold and beautiful.†

Ines comes to Albania once a year to visit her father who works in our country. This is a trip she fully enjoys but this time, it was even more special, as it gave her a new feeling, an inspiration she had been looking for so long.†

Ines Castro is a fashion designer based in Dusseldorf, but she decided to work with an Albanian crew on a new project. She worked on a fascinating collection of dresses and skirts imprinted with the drawings of children affected by the Dawn Syndrome.†

"The idea for this new project was born in Albania, actually. While visiting my father at his office, I found this colorful, adorable card of children's drawings. It really inspired me and in my mind I was mixing and stitching those colors together. It all became more meaningful when I read it and realized it was a card from Dawn Syndrome Albania. I was touched so profoundly. Those colors and lines, to me, suddenly became those children's stories and dreams. And I felt so compelled to do something about them," Ines says.†

She thought of every detail and she decided that it made sense to produce it in Albania. It was born here, it is about Albanian children and it couldn't be done from anyone other.†

Ines is the first designer to bring something so elegant, original, touching and complete. This is why her collection is an explosion of colors and emotions.†

"My brand is the boldest expression of myself and I am a conflicting person - in that I love minimalism, simplicity and a clean silhouette, but I also love colors, and bold expressions and eccentric lines. But isn't conflict at the core of our being? We are all beautiful and ugly, sweet and sour, happy and sad, strong and delicate. We cannot be defined anymore. We are our experience and stories. And that's what I wanted to reflect in my brand. I wanted it to represent everyday life, its challenges and its edge. But I also wanted it to be dreamy enough for the wearer to be transported away from reality and into a place of beauty and colors. I'd say it is a classic brand but with a twist. If you see my logo, I have added 'DŁsseldorf' below my name, and that's because living here has influenced a lot my way of thinking and working. Germany has a cool factor, an original element that is very particular and stands out," Ines talks about her collection.†

"Creating this collection has enriched me; it has made me realize that we all speak the same language, the human language. And I hope that even those women and girls who will wear my creations feel the same," she further says.†

There are many things that connect her with this project. First, she says it was the drawings of those children that inspired her. "It was like they opened their hearts and spoke with the language of colors, telling me about their stories, their dreams, their wishes. I felt embraced and obliged to do something. That's why I thought about everything, not just the dresses but also the bags and the clothes' covers. It is a full collection, from A to Z and entirely dedicated to them. So anyone who buys a dress, will not only get the full experience of a designer brand, but will also contribute to the cause. Every cent of the collection will go to the Foundation and that's why we all gave our all to make it as beautiful and likable as possible. This is my personal connection with this project," she confesses.†

To her, this is such a gratifying experience because as she says "every drawing, every color, every child has enriched me with a new, refreshing way of seeing life. Those children taught me that dreams have many colors but no boundaries, and that it is ok to be different."

Regarding the reviews received so far, Ines Castro says that the collection has received positive feedback and this makes her feel very humble. "The models and the people who have worn them, have told me that when wearing them, they don't experience just the dress, but a way of feeling and caring. That, to me, is the best review for this collection," she says.

On the other hand, she says that the Ines Castro collection is for those women who are bold, smart and elegant. "The collection is for the woman who has high heels and higher standards. She dreams big but stays firmly on the ground. She's not afraid to wear color or mix and match. She wears silk and cashmere while having her coffee in the morning, because the start of her day is very important, but she combines a simple dress with her personality for the evening," Ines adds. †

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