Krotina Castle, Extraordinary Antique Dwelling
Albanian Daily News
Published February 16, 2017

The antique city of Dimal is situated in the western side of Shpiragu Mountain, on the left side of Berat - Fier road axis. According to the experts this antique dwelling is one of the most important testimonies of the existence of an over 2000 years old civilization.

The antique ruins are located in a place called Krotine’s Castle. The ruins, situated over 444 meters above the sea level, were discovered after several years of extensive work. The researchers say that this hill strategic position created favorable conditions for the development of an antique dwelling in the ancient times. Meantime the fact that these ruins were very close to other important dwellings like Apollon or Bylis helped promoting commercial exchanges in these areas.

The ceramic objects are some of the most interesting elements discovered in this area. These ruins were mentioned for the first time by the Austrian archaeologist K. Prashniker during the First World War. Unluckily only some fragments of the walls may be seen today due the damages caused by the time and people.

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