One Billion USD Reconstruction, Rama: Economic Growth Beyond 5%
Albanian Daily News
Published February 13, 2017

Country’s economic growth will duplicate thanks to the one billion USD reconstruction project. Prime Minister, Edi Rama emphasized this element on Monday during the presentation of a program for the construction of 43 new schools in Tirana as part of this project. 

According to the chief of executive the objective is to go beyond an economic growth of 5%. 

“This program will give a positive forward push to the country’s economy and citizens’ confidence. This project is the result of a intensive cooperation between the banks and private enterprises, guaranteeing the completion of projects with a compressive value equivalent to 20-years investments by the state’s budget,” the chief of executive said. 

PM Rama called on citizens that chose to abstain from voting so far after being disappointed by the past governments urging them to vote in favor of the left wing on view of the radical changes during these four years. 

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