Basha to Business: Flat Tax to Be Restored Soon
Albanian Daily News
Published February 10, 2017

The leader of Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha promised the restoration of flat tax in a 9% level and the abrogation of dividend tax during a meeting with business representatives on Friday. He also declared that businesses fiscal burden will be decreased through lower taxes and other economic incentives.

“Every Albanian citizen has been forced to pay USD 500 more during those four years due to the fact that taxes went up with around USD 1.5 million 

“Public debt reached record levels, taxes went up, public investments decreased radically. This debt composes a serious threat for Albania, due to the fact that every Albanian citizen is now forced to pay a sum of USD 1800 All. Our government will be totally committed toward public debt lowering in a 60% level,” said Basha.

He informed the participants in this meeting that small business tax will be a predefined fee equivalent to 1.5% of the daily turnover, adding that this tax will replace the incomes taxation and Value Added Tax (VAT).  

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